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Can soy milk reduce belly fat?

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Belly fats result from excessive fats in the body, which causes the stomach skin to sag. The increase in body weight may also result in muscle mass diminishing.

So, how does protein come in hand with reducing belly fat? Protein helps the body to build strong muscles, which ensures the fats have a place to lean on instead of being stored along the skin. 

Can soy milk reduce belly fat? Yes, soy milk can reduce belly fat when consumed in moderation with a healthy diet, exercise and calorie reduction.

Soy milk is a protein rich beverage with isoflavone compounds that are integral in reducing obesity. Nutritionally speaking, a serving of soy milk consists of no cholesterol, low saturated fats, and low calories, which makes it conducive to reducing belly fat.

Research shows that soy protein is a critical factor in reducing obesity. Soy milk contains fiber that helps regulate the level of cholesterol in the body, and its low calories count makes it easier for the body to eliminate fats through metabolism. [1, 2]

Compared to dairy milk, which has much more saturated fats, soy milk has monounsaturated fats that inhibit intestinal fats and lower cholesterol absorption ability. [3]

On top of that, soy milk contains fat-burning vitamins such as riboflavin and B12, which increase the body’s energy production needed to break down these fatty acids and lipids during metabolism. [4]

This plant-based milk is good alternative to dairy milk, but soy milk does contain small amounts of sugars that can cause excess fats if over consumed.

In this article, we answer frequently asked questions about drinking soy milk in order to reduce belly fat. 

Is soy milk healthy?

Yes, soy milk is healthy. In fact, soy milk has a wholesome nutritional value that makes it worthwhile to incorporate into a balanced diet. 

This plant beverage offers several health benefits for both men and women, including:

  • Improve brain health: Soy milk has omega-3, essential in preventing dementia, and it is rich in vitamin B, which assists the brain in maintaining nerve cells.
  • Enhance heart health: This plant based drink is rich in potassium which plays a vital role in maintaining blood pressure, and has a low number of calories, reduces the level of cholesterol and reduces risk of heart disease.
  • Reproductive health: The presence of isoflavones in soy milk help post-menstrual women to reduce the harshness of menopause symptoms.
  • Lower obesity and diabetes: Soy milk reduces belly fat since it is high in protein, and low cholesterol and saturated fats.
  • Gain muscle and strengthen joints: Consuming in moderation helps maintain healthy muscles since it is rich in amino acids and muscle building protein.
  • Prevent from breast and prostate cancer: The presence of isoflavones acts like plant-based estrogen in the body, which can reduce breast cancer in women and prostate cancer in men.

Is soy milk good for weight loss?

Yes, soy milk is good for weight loss. However, unsweetened soy milk is preferred with moderate consumption for a healthy diet. 

Compared to dairy milk, unsweetened soy milk has no cholesterol, low calories, low saturated fats, and low amount of sugar, which make it beneficial to reduce belly fat

It is loaded with fat-burning vitamins, such as vitamin B12 that increases energy during oxidation of excess fats. Its high protein content help in building strong muscles, which provides excess fats with a place to lean on to minimize belly fat. [5, 6]

Can I lose weight by drinking soy milk?

Yes, you can lose weight by drinking soy milk. Research has shown that soy milk has a better advantage over cow milk in reducing weight. 

Based on the facts on its nutritional value, it’s conceivable that soy milk plays an integral role in losing weight, as outlined below.

  • Contains monounsaturated fats, which decrease the blood fats and also inhibits the occurrence of intestinal fats.
  • Low saturated fats help reduce cholesterol absorption in the body.
  • Number of calories and carbohydrates are low enough, so the body can metabolize quickly.
  • Rich in fat-oxidizing vitamins such as vitamin B12, which give the body more energy to breakdown fats. 
  • High in protein, providing strong muscles to counter excess fats.
  • Fiber and phytosterol in soy milk helps block the accumulation of fats.

What time is best to drink soy milk?

Drinking soy milk in the morning with complex carbohydrates, or 30 minutes after workout is recommended. Avoid consuming soy milk on an empty stomach because it may cause indigestion.

Soy milk is protein rich, making it a good part of a daily diet as long as there are no allergic reactions to soy products. 

The recommended daily amount is no more than 1-2 servings of soy, 8-ounces is equivalent to a single serving. Occasionally drinking soy milk helps to reap the most of its benefits as overconsumption has a number of potential disadvantages

Which soy milk is good for weight loss?

So many soy products are on the market, but not all are good for weight loss including sweetened and flavored soy milk. For maximum benefit, stick to unflavored and unsweetened soy milk to minimize the unnecessary excess carbs from sugar.

The following are descriptions of a good soy milk brand for weight loss:

  • High protein about 8g, and fiber content with varieties of indispensable amino acids in a 100g serving cup.
  • Fewer calories, about 60-80 per serving.
  • Less saturated fats and higher monounsaturated fats.
  • Low amounts of carbohydrates and sugars, about 3g in a serving.
  • Rich in fat-oxidizer vitamins like vitamin B12.

When shopping for soy milk to weight loss diet, use the checklist to find the best option to enjoy and max out the fat reduction results.

Can soy milk reduce belly fat?

Reduce Belly Fat with Soy Milk: Conclusion 

Soy milk is good for reducing belly fat when consumed moderately. Remember, soy milk has some sugars and fats, only that it’s in a small percentage in relation to the amount of protein it offers. 

Thus, taking too much soy milk would increase fats instead of reducing. 1-2 serving cups of about 8-ounce is the maximum recommendation for a day

Drink the plant beverage for breakfast in the morning, or after an intense workout to add muscle building protein. Avoid drinking soy milk on an empty stomach or at night time since it is not always easy to digest.

When it comes to body weight loss, diet may play a part, but it’s not the only thing. Exercise can play an integral role along with reducing calories in regards to daily output. 

So, don’t dwell on soy milk alone and expect tremendous change. Natural weight loss takes time since burning belly fat is not a one-night event to turn the tables.

There exist numerous brands of soy milk on the market. Always check the nutrition facts on the label before settling on which one to buy to fulfill your weight loss objectives.

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