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Can you use soy milk in baking?

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Muffins, breads, and cookies, baking is fun ways to prepare foods for a meal or snack. Many baking recipes uses regular milk, which makes baked goods creamy and fluffy.

When looking for dairy-free options, you may wonder if using soy milk as an alternative would change the flavor and texture of baked goods.

Can you use soy milk in baking? Yes, you can use soy milk in baking.

Substitute soy milk for regular milk in a one to one ratio for a perfect nondairy alternative. Sometimes soy milk is slightly thinner than cow milk, so it is necessary to add an extra tablespoon or two of flour to the dough or batter to achieve the right consistency.

The taste of unsweetened soy milk is mild, and almost disappears when baked. As a result, it is usually difficult to detect the flavor in bread, muffins, cakes, and other baked goods.

In general, soy milk has a high level of protein, and like cow milk it can help your end result brown nicely on the outside. But if you are making an unfrosted pastry, bread, or dessert, this is a great reason to choose soy milk over other dairy-free options.

Soy milks may be flavored with vanilla or sweeteners. If you want the recipe to remain as close as possible to the original, it’s best to use unflavored and unsweetened soy milk as a replacement for regular milk.

This article talks about reasons for using soy milk in baking. Answered below are frequently asked questions about soy milk in baking including tips to make your favorite baked goods without altering the flavor.

Is soy milk good for baking?

Yes, soy milk is good for baking. As a matter of fact, the nondairy milk has a mild flavor that does not overpower baked goods.  

Soy milk can help you transform recipes that call for dairy into a vegan recipe.

If you are looking for a replacement for regular milk in a recipe, soy milk is a great option. It contains high levels of protein like cow milk, which helps baked goods brown on top.

However, soy milk is sold in various flavors. For baking projects that call for regular cow milk, replace it with unflavored and unsweetened soy milk for the best outcome.

In addition, soy milk has lower fat content than whole cow milk, so you may want to add some fat from another source if your dish requires extra creaminess. 

Most dishes do not, but if you want yours to have the same level of richness, add a small amount of cooking oil or dairy-free creamer.

Can soy milk be used in place of regular milk in baking?

Yes, soy milk can be used in place of regular milk in baking. It is a viable vegan nondairy milk replacement for baked goods. 

The mild flavor does not create a noticeable change in the flavor or texture of the end product.

Although baking often calls for precision in order to have a good outcome, dairy milk is not a difficult ingredient to replace. Replace it with most liquids and still have your baked goods come out with the right texture.

Substituting regular milk in puddings, sauces, and custards can create challenges. In these dishes, the protein found in milk is a necessary thickening agent. 

There aren’t great vegan options for replacing milk in some recipes, although you can use lactic free if you are lactose-intolerant rather than vegan alternatives to make these dishes.

How do I substitute soy milk for regular milk?

Soy milk can replace dairy milk cup-for-cup for baking. It can be used just like dairy milk for baking and cooking, the main challenges are in regards to puddings and custards. 

Although the taste isn’t the same, it is close in terms of texture and consistency, and will give you a similar final product.

Substitute equal parts soy milk for regular dairy milk in most recipes.

The flavor will not be the exactly the same but it is close enough to fulfill the needs for baking recipes. The final product will generally remain the same in terms of texture and consistency when using soy milk for baking.

Soy milk substitute for baking

Soy milk is a great substitute for dairy milk in most baked goods, use in a one-to-one ratio. For every cup of milk in the recipe, replace with a cup of soy milk to give a mild flavor that is undetectable in most baked goods.

Soy milk is made with pressed dry bean oil and cooked soybeans. It is a plant-based milk alternative used by both lactose-intolerant individuals and vegans. 

Some people are neither lactose-intolerant nor vegan, but prefer using soy milk because it is lower in cholesterol.

When replacing dairy milk with soy milk in recipes:

  • In recipes for cakes, cookies, and bread, replace an equal amount of dairy milk with soy milk.
  • Use non-sweetened soy milk instead of any of the flavored or sweetened varieties.
  • If a one to one milk to soy milk ratio leaves the dough or batter too runny, add 1 or 2 tablespoons more flour for every cup of soy milk. Some soy milk brands contain thickeners, while other brands may require additional thickening agents.

Tips for using soy milk in baking

Unfortunately, soy is not a good replacement for dairy milk in custards and puddings. Custards and puddings are mainly made with dairy, and the switch to soy is much more noticeable, both in the flavor of the end product as well as the texture.

  • Non-sweetened soy milk with no flavoring can be an excellent dairy-free option for replacing cow milk in baked goods. If you are experimenting with recipes, you may want to test out various brand or flavors of soy milk. 
  • Keep in mind that flavored soy milk often has added sugar, which will make your final product sweeter than if it was made with dairy or unsweetened soy milk.
  • A one to one replacement of dairy milk with soy milk will work well in most recipes. Since soy milk can be a little runnier than regular milk, make sure your dough or batter is not too thin using this ratio. If it is, add one or two tablespoons of extra flour for every cup of soy milk. 
  • For breads, muffins, cakes, and other baked goods, it is usually difficult to detect the flavor of the soy milk. Like dairy milk, soy milk has a lot of protein, which helps your baked goods brown on top.
Can you use soy milk in baking?

Baking with Soy Milk: Conclusion

Soy milk is an excellent substitution for regular milk in baking, replacing dairy milk with soy milk in baking is simple and effective

It is a cup-for-cup exchange that can help you create a vegan version of your favorite recipes. It will work like cow milk in most baking recipes, and the final product will have a very similar texture and crumb to the original version. 

The mild flavor of soy milk does not overpower the desired taste of baking recipes. 

Additionally, soy milk keeps the creaminess while lowering the calories and carbs, which is fantastic substitute for restricted dieters.

For baking, replace dairy milk in the recipe cup for cup with soy milk. If the dough or batter becomes too runny or doughy, consider adding 1 to 2 tablespoon of flour for every cup of soy milk to make it thickener.

However, soy milk replacement does not work in pudding and custard because these are mainly made up of dairy. As a result, find a dairy-free recipe to follow when making custard or pudding. 

Baking with soy milk is another way to enjoy your favorite cookies, bread, and muffins. Experiment once or twice to make sure that the recipe adjustments work out as you intend before needing to serve the final product.

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