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Is soy ice cream fattening?

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Soy ice cream provides people who maintain a vegan lifestyle with more dessert choices in their dairy-free diet. Soy ice cream is not a wholesome food source for sustainable nutrition, and does not have a lot of vitamins and minerals, which are an important part of a healthy diet.

Is soy ice cream fattening? Soy ice cream contains a large amount of both saturated and unsaturated fats, therefore it is considered fattening.

When saturated fat is absorbed in the body, you can burn a portion of it during metabolic activities like exercise. If you don’t burn off the excess fat, it can build up in the body and raise cholesterol levels, which may lead to weight gain and other health related issues. 

Eating too much soy ice cream has been linked to weight gain since it is a high calorie, low nutrient food. Soy ice cream is healthy because it is dairy-free, and fewer calories makes soy ice cream less fattening than regular ice cream when eaten in the same quantities.

This article explores soy ice cream and whether or not it is good to eat. Answered below are frequently asked questions about soy ice cream being fattening and what nutritional information you should be aware of.

Is soy cream bad for you?

Yes, soy cream is high in fat, and contains few minerals and vitamins. Although soy cream and other vegan creams made from nuts have relatively low saturated fats and fewer calories than regular milk, it is not a wholesome source for sustainable daily nutrition. 

Soy ice cream is made out of soy milk, which research shows to have estrogen compounds known as isoflavones. Isoflavones may cause the growth of cancer cells, especially breast cancer in women. 

Consuming too many isoflavones can cause hormone overload, which can lead to hormone disorders like Cushing syndrome and obesity. Cushing Syndrome hinders normal metabolic activities and keeps your body from using all of the energy that you consume, causing you to gain weight rapidly. 

Is soy ice cream healthier than regular?

Yes, soy ice cream has a lower percentage of saturated fats than regular ice cream, and is made from plant based soy milk as opposed to dairy products. However, soy ice cream has some saturated fats, stabilizers and excess sugars that are not healthy overall. 

Exposure to excess refined ingredients is not natural, therefore it is hard to say that soy ice cream is healthy to begin with.

Furthermore, eating increased amounts of saturated fats results in LDL cholesterol levels rising in the body.

LDL cholesterol is short for low-density lipoprotein, also known as bad cholesterol. When bad cholesterol increases, it can build upon the walls of your arteries, causing them to harden and narrow in diameter. 

This, in turn, increases blood pressure. If your blood pressure becomes too high, it increases the risk of getting both coronary and peripheral artery diseases, heart diseases such as heart attack and stroke.  

High levels of LDL cholesterol in women can impair women’s fertility. This is because high levels of LDL cholesterol has been proven to impair blood flow, which hinders the reproductive process.

Soy ice cream provides the body with a compound phytoestrogen, which can help some women with menopause symptoms. If you are already going through menopause, the phytoestrogen found in soy products can be beneficial, but you do not need to eat soy ice cream to get the benefits. 

Instead, you can take supplements, or use other soy products like soy milk, without ingesting the added sugar and unnecessary stabilizer compounds. Ice cream made of soy milk contains many processed stabilizers and thickeners that provide sugar to the body in other forms. [1, 2]

Soy milk and soy ice cream are also rich in omega-3 amino acids. These are good for you, and can help the body in lowering blood pressure, reducing triglycerides, and helping your heart maintain normal rhythm. [3, 4, 5, 6]

Omega-3 amino acids can ultimately reduce the risk of heart disease, however there are healthier ways to consume these lipids rather than through soy ice cream. These can be found in soy milk and tofu, as well as other other vegan foods.

Does soy ice cream have less calories?

Soy ice cream typically has a higher dietary fiber content and fewer total calories, saturated fats, and sugars than regular ice cream. As a result, soy ice cream is less likely to make you gain weight than regular ice cream, as long as you eat it infrequently.

But why does soy ice cream have a low number of calories then regular ice cream? Soy foods lack saturated fats, and fat is a higher caloric content than other nutrients. 

Cow’s milk contains larger amounts of fat and is used to make regular ice cream, and has a higher fat content than soy milk. Thus, soy milk and soy ice cream have fewer calories than regular milk and ice cream.

Of course there are some exceptions to the rule and some soy ice cream have higher calorie counts than regular ice cream. A good example is ice cream sandwiches, which tend to be higher calorie than ice cream alone. 

In the end, it really matters what brand of ice cream you choose. Some brands of soy ice cream have less calories than regular ice cream, while other brands have much more.

Soy ice cream is a vegan frozen dessert that tends to have low saturated fats compared to dairy products used in regular ice cream. Although vegan food is often considered to be healthy, vegan desserts are still high in sugar, which is not healthy to consume regularly.

Since soy ice cream is vegan, it provides people who do not consume any dairy with alternative options. However, despite the fact that it is healthier than regular ice cream, it is still not a wholesome food to consume on a regular basis due to its abundance of process ingredients, lack of nutrients and high sugar content.

How many calories does soy ice cream have?

Each soy ice cream brand has a different amount of calories, but one serving of standard soy ice cream contains an average of 120 calories. With only 1.5 g of fats, with zero amount of saturated fats. 

Average calories in soy ice cream:

  • One cup of soy ice cream contains 120 calories.
  • One serving of So Delicious Dairy Free Ice Cream sandwich contains 150 calories.
Is soy ice cream fattening

Soy Ice Cream Fattening: Conclusion 

Soy ice cream is a vegan, dairy free substitute for ice cream, but that does not automatically make it a health food. Although it can be considered as a healthier alternative to regular ice cream, it still contains a number of processed ingredients and refined sugars, which make it lack wholesome nutrition. 

If you are looking for a dessert that is a little less fattening, then soy ice cream can be a great substitute if you select the right brand. Manufactures follow different recipes, and this results in varying configurations of nutritional values and calorie amounts.

But remember, soy ice cream  is not a healthy snack, and should be eaten in moderation because it lacks vitamins and minerals, contains high sugar content, and consumption of too much isoflavones have not been full researched.

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