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Is soy ice cream vegan?

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If you are vegan, you’ll have multiple vegan choices when it comes to ice cream. Soy ice cream are vegan, and it offers a dairy-free and plant-based option for anyone who maintains a lifestyle free of animal products. 

But, what is soy ice cream made of? Soy ice cream is made of plant-based milk extracted from soy beans. Soy ice cream can be vegan if it is labeled as such, meaning that there are no other animal byproducts listed in the ingredients.

Soy isn’t the only kind of vegan ice cream, in fact dairy free ice cream is now made from multiple sources. Brands who sell vegan ice cream use soy, cashew, rice, coconut, and almond as their primary nondairy base.

Like dairy ice cream, which is rich in fats, vegan ice cream has a substantial quantity of lipids to make the creamy taste and texture.

Let’s explore soy ice cream and what makes it vegan. Answered below are frequently asked questions about soy ice cream being vegan, and what to look out for to ensure there are no animal byproducts.

Why is an ice cream not vegan?

Ice cream using animal products like cow’s milk or cream is not vegan. In general, ice cream is made out of animal products, and therefore is not vegan unless labeled as such. 

Remember, for a food to be considered a vegan diet, all ingredients used in making product must be plant-based and free from any animal byproduct whatsoever. 

As a result, there are vegan ice creams available made from plant sources such as soy milk, and contain no animal products in the processing. Vegan ice cream are typically made with a base of coconut milk, soy milk, or almond milk, but some vegan ice creams are made from hemp. 

Some ice creams are dairy-free,however this does not mean they is vegan. The product is nondairy, but that does not necessarily mean it is free from all animal products. 

It’s always good to check labels on packages and get familiar with commercialized ingredients in manufactured foods. Understanding food labels is the only way to ensure you’re genuinely consuming vegan products all the time.

What makes ice cream vegan?

Vegan ice cream is made with no animal products, and instead uses plant-based milk such as almond, soy, and coconut. These base ingredients contain a substantial amount of fat, which is important for mimicking the creamy taste and texture of regular ice cream. 

Nondairy ice cream is free of dairy products, but may contain animal products such as eggs, making it not vegan. Therefore, it is common to confuse dairy-free ice cream with vegan, but it is not the same thing.

Most companies who produce vegan ice cream use plant-based sources such as soy, almonds, cashew, rice, and coconut. Furthermore, there are no eggs or animal byproducts used in the recipe.

Can vegan eat soy ice cream?

Yes, a vegan can eat ice cream made from plant-based sources such as soy as long as the person is not allergic. Furthermore, verify that the ice cream is labeled as vegan by checking the listed ingredients on the packaging.

The following brands make soy ice cream that we recommend for vegans: Ben and Jerry’s, Haagen Dazs and Breyer’s. These soy ice creams can provide vegans with fats that are required in metabolic activities.

Is soy ice cream healthy?

Yes, soy ice cream is plant-based, which helps to reduce the chance of heart disease related to the consumption of too much dairy. Furthermore, soy ice cream has less saturated fat than regular ice cream, helps to lower LDL cholesterol in the body and has high protein content to help muscular building. 

However, ice cream made of soy milk contains many stabilizers and thickeners such as guar, which provide sugar to the body in other forms. [1, 2]

Either way you scoop it, ice cream is laden with sugar and processed ingredients that are not the considered healthy in high quantities or as a suitable food source for longterm consumption.

Is soy ice cream vegan

Soy Ice Cream for Vegans: Conclusion

Soy ice cream is good for a vegan diet, and provides an alternative choice for those who don’t consume dairy products. The ice cream base is made with soy milk and curds, therefore the fat content and creaminess are relatable to regular ice cream.

Soy ice cream is only made from plant based ingredients and vegan when it is labeled as such. Some soy products may only be non-dairy, but may contain components that do not make them vegan, therefore it is important to carefully read the label to make sure it is the type you are looking for.

It is a stretch to say that soy ice cream is much healthier than regular ice cream, because neither are considered adequate food sources. Ice cream is full of stabilizers, sweeteners and highly processed ingredients, which is why it may not be the best food source for sustainable health.

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